Stuck in a Style Rut? Mixed up about how to mix and match your current wardrobe? Feel like you never have anything to wear, even though you’ve a million options? Well, not quite a million, but you know what I’m saying.


The thing is, everything you wear is an outward expression of who you are. And the best way to discover your signature style is with a highly-personalised bespoke service, styled around you.


It’s a philosophy I’ve put in to practice for brilliant Irish women and men of all ages. I’m a good listener and love what I do.


As a personal stylist I believe there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to open your wardrobe everyday with the confidence of knowing you’re going to nail it.


You can, and you will. And I’d love to help. I offer wardrobe analysis as well as occasion-wear, work, leisure and capsule wardrobe suggestions.

Máirín Ní Bheacháin
+353 (0)86 838 8575

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What’s involved?

• An initial Style Report should be filled in prior to our first meeting 

• Advice on how to mix and match items of clothing

• Style synopsis

Style Report Downloads

• Women's Style Report
• Men's Style Report

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"Máirín has a natural understanding of style for herself and for others. Her warmth makes the styling experience comfortable and fun while she goes the extra mile to make you feel the very best version of yourself." 

– Sonya Lennon, Designer, broadcaster, entrepreneur and campaigner for gender equality.

"Like so many women, I had a wardrobe full of clothes, but on most days, struggled to put an outfit together. How I envy those who have these mythical “capsule wardrobes” I hear so much about!


Enter my friend Máirín, a woman I have known since college and one who has always known how to put an ensemble together for any occasion. Even in college, she was always effortless (as I experimented with knitted waistcoats and baggy jeans). I am so happy that Máirín has finally decided to use her sartorial powers for good, and to help the rest of us make getting ready in the mornings a little easier! One of the things I had always wanted to do, but never had the headspace for, was a wardrobe clear out. I don’t own reams of designer gear so it really shouldn’t have been difficult to part with the things I never wore or didn’t know what to wear with. Then I realised that having someone to do job this with you is important; having Máirín to do it with you is life-changing. 


irín’s rules are simple, and her advice is specific to the person she is working with. Some of the things she advised me, were so obvious, but when you spend too long in the same shopping habits, you sometimes need someone else to point them out. I should have asked her to help me 20 years ago and then maybe I wouldn’t have needed her help now, but hey; better late than never!


So if you ever open your wardrobe and think you have nothing to wear, give MoStyle a call. And never buy knitted waistcoats." 

– Maia Dunphy, Irish television producer, broadcaster and writer.

I'm also now offering Zoom styling consultations. Get in touch to find out more!